👍 #803 – Why Don’t I Get Sound from My Computer? (A Checklist)

Confident Computing #803 - Why Don't I Get Sound from My Computer? (A Checklist)


With the sudden and massive movement to online meetings, conference calls, and more, I thought I'd feature my checklist of what to look for when sound isn't working.

It's a surprisingly common question in "normal" times, but I expect even more so now with the increased focus on using technology to replace many in-person interactions.

Other articles this week

Backing up to an internal drive sounds kinda screwy, but it's not as bad as you might think, as long as you consider the ramifications.

It's no surprise Edge (new and old) defaults to using Bing as its search engine. It's somewhat hidden, but you can change that.

It's convenient as heck, but is signing in with a PIN secure? Surprisingly, quite.

TEH Podcast

On this week's the TEH Podcast Gary and I welcome returning guest (and former host) Kay Savetz. Topics include why we're Zooming more than Skyping, the copyright dilemma that libraries often face, and that The Internet Archive is walking into, and of course much, much more.

Ask Leo! Live Webinars

This week's Live Webinars:

It's quickly become apparent that twice a week might be a bit much, so I'm switching to weekly, on Saturdays at 2PM U.S. Pacific Time. Smile Next up, Saturday April 11: "refreshing" Windows 10 without a Reset or Reinstall.

More information on live events at askleo.com/liveinfo.


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Why Don't I Get Sound from My Computer? (A Checklist)

Try as I might, I can't get my computer to output sound. Nothing. I can't figure out what's wrong.

That's a composite of questions I get often. Sometimes it applies to only specific applications; other times, it applies to the entire machine.

It's a single silent symptom that can come from several sources.

So, let's run down a bit of a checklist.

Continue Reading: Why Don't I Get Sound from My Computer? (A Checklist)

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This Week's Articles

Can I Back Up to an Internal Drive?

I have two very large internal hard drives. One has my OS on it that I use as my C: drive and for daily use and the other is one that I use for pictures and so on. Is it OK to backup the system (on C:) to the other extra internal HD? Or should I be using an external HD for that?

Yes, but…

Backing up to an internal drive isn't all that different from backing up to an external one.

Each has pros and cons, as do other backup options you might consider.

I'll walk you through the most common.

Continue Reading: Can I Back Up to an Internal Drive?

How to Change the Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge (New & Old)

The Edge browser is Microsoft's latest attempt to put a nail in the coffin of Internet Explorer. Designed from the ground up as a faster, safer, alternative browser, it's the default web browser in Windows 10.

Unfortunately, it's been slow to catch up to the level of features included with other browsers. One result is that Edge is being replaced with Edge — meaning that the original Edge browser is being replaced with a new version that's completely rewritten and based on Chromium, the technology that powers several other popular browsers (including Google's Chrome).

In either version, changing the default search engine is well hidden.

Continue Reading: How to Change the Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge (New & Old)

How Can a PIN Be as Secure as a Password?

I get that the whole sign in-with-a-PIN thing in Windows 10 is convenient, but how can my 4 digit PIN possibly be as secure as my Microsoft account sign in password?

It can be as secure — perhaps even more secure — because it's used in a different way.

You can also choose to increase its security by using some of the same techniques we use for passwords in general.

Continue Reading: How Can a PIN Be as Secure as a Password?

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