👍 #774 – Why Is There so Much Spam?

Spam, spam, spam. But why? And why so much? It's frighteningly simple, actually: spam works.

Also this week:

Moving Office to a different machine turns out to to be really easy these days.

It's ultimately unanswerable, but I have some guidelines: all about startup programs.

Speaking of spam, emails with attachments are a frequent casualty, I'm afraid.


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Why Is There so Much Spam?

Between bouts of frustration with my inbox, I've been reading your various articles on spam. I think I'm slowly getting a handle on it all, but it sure seems crazy. And it really got me to wondering… why is there so much spam in the first place?

I feel your pain.

Some time ago, I did some research and looked at all my email for an entire year. Not only do I get a lot of email, but my calculations show that 87% of it was junk. Wow.

Why is there so much spam?

It's simple, really.

Spam works.

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How to Move an Office 365 Subscription to Another Machine

Our computer club has a laptop we want to donate to another club here at our senior center. One of our five Office 365 installs resides on that computer. I want to move it to another computer before donating it. I read your article from several years ago on how to “transfer” Office 2010 to another computer. That seems pretty straightforward, but when I ran Belarc Advisor, I got this across from Office 365: *****-*****-*****-***** (Key: ends with *****, expires 4/16/2016). I don't have the installation disk since it was a download to all five computers, and I don't have a product key. Can you help?

Unlike the days of single-product installs and trying to hang on to product keys in case you need to move to a new machine, the online subscription model of Office 365 makes this quite easy.

It's just definitely different than what we did in the past.

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What Windows Startup Programs Do I Need?

How do I determine what Windows startup programs I absolutely need to load? Do I really need all of my protection programs like virus and spyware to load at start-up?

Ultimately, this is an unanswerable question.

For many Windows startup programs, the answer will be “I don't know.”

But there are definitely steps you can take to understand much of what is happening at startup and make a few decisions.

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How to Get Email with Attachments Delivered

I have noticed that a number of my emails w/attachments have not been delivered. One ISP actually told me the email was not delivered. I divided it into 2 emails and it seemed to be delivered. Could this be my problem (I receive large files up to 20mb regularly) or a problem with my correspondent's email account?

There are many reasons emails with attachments fail to be delivered.

Heck, there are many reasons email without attachments might not make it. 🙂

Focusing on just the attachment part of the equation, however, there are a number of potential problems, and I'll try and touch on a few of them.

We can start by blaming malware.

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