👍 #767 – Is Online Banking Safe?

It really bugs me when I hear of people avoiding online services -- in particular banking -- because they somehow think it's not safe, or that their computer will be hacked and their money stolen within seconds of going online. Not only are you at greater risk from other threats that you accept daily, the alternatives to banking online are slowly becoming more and more inconvenient, if they haven't gone away completely.

Online banking can be safe. Yes, it can.

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Ah, Windows 7, you're looking to be another operating system that won't die. Whatever your reason, here's what you need to keep using it after the deadline hits.

Blue is a lovely color, except when it's the only color your computer's display shows as the computer crashes over and over again with the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" (BSOD). I have suggestions of what to do.

Moving from one computer to another can be a lot of work, so it's no surprise that people look for shortcuts. I'll explain why your image backup is not the shortcut you're looking for. Usually.

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Is Online Banking Safe?

I would think that no PC would be immune from malicious threats if they landed on some corrupt site that then installed malware or key-capture software. Is there any reasonable way to continue to safely do online banking?


Avoid getting infected.

I know, that sounds trite and flippant, and I don't mean to be so. Ultimately, though, all the advice boils down to exactly that: do what it takes to stay safe on the internet.

I regularly bank online. In fact, I've done so for years without incident. I much prefer it over the alternatives, particularly since many alternatives seem to be slowly disappearing.

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How To Keep Using Windows 7 Safely After Support Ends

I want to keep using Windows 7, but support is ending. Am I screwed?


No, you're not screwed.

You may very well be able to keep using Windows 7 safely, just as a small number of people continue to use Windows XP to this day.

You simply have to take responsibility for keeping yourself safe — even more than before.

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How to Repair a Computer that Only Blue Screens

My laptop has gone blue screen for no reason and I can't restart it!

Turn the computer on, wait a while, and … blue screen.

There's seemingly no opportunity to do anything but pull the power and watch the process repeat again, and again, and again.

Let's review the steps to get your Windows 10 machine working again.

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Restoring an Image Backup from One Computer to Another

If I want to restore an image backup from a previous computer, complete with its operating system, onto another computer with a different operating system, will the operating system on the backup be allowed to install and override the operating system on the other computer? If so, how do I get around this?

It's not a question of “allowing”.

Restoring a full image backup will completely overwrite everything that exists on the hard disk, replacing whatever was there before, no matter what it was. The previous operating system, along with everything else on the hard disk, will be overwritten and replaced with the contents of the image backup.

The real question is: will the result work?

Most of time, the answer is no.

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